donderdag 10 augustus 2023

Eisbär Mule

A few years back, I indulged in a refreshing escape from the scorching summer heat. I drove to a German ski resort typically bustling in winter but blissfully deserted in the summer months. This cherished memory resurfaced on my Facebook feed, igniting the spark for my latest creation: an Après-ski inspired Mule.

While Kombucha might not be your conventional cocktail ingredient, it often proves to be an excellent stand-in for ginger beer, particularly in select scenarios. Curious to experiment, I reached for a bottle of Mani Kombucha's invigorating Kaffir Lime infusion. The initial sip from the bottle was all it took to confirm its seamless compatibility with a Moscow Mule-style drink.

To infuse a touch of sweetness, I introduced a half-shot of Kleiner Feigling, a German Après-ski liqueur crafted from vodka and succulent figs. This addition lent a unique character to the mix, elevating the entire drinking experience.

Eisbär Mule

40ml Jenever
20ml Kleiner Feigling
100ml Mani Kombucha Kaffir Lime

Add the jenever and liqueur to a Mule mug with lots of ice. Give it a good stir. Add the Kombucha and stir again. Top with even more ice and add some dehydrated citrus. 

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