vrijdag 26 maart 2021

Toy Revolver

How to simplify a cocktail that only has three ingredients? The Revolver is a lesser known variation on the Manhattan. It’s basically a mix of Bourbon and coffee liqueur with a few drops of orange bitters. The magic extra ingredients are a few drops of oil expressed from a piece of orange peel and warmed up with a lighter. Spectacular when done properly, and it absolutely adds an extra aroma dimension to your drink. Most home bartenders won’t bother because it’s a skill that really needs some practice. 

How can we simplify this in a way which also adds a more or less similar effect to the drink? We could add a mist of orange extract. This is extremely easy to make yourself. Do you ever eat oranges? Just add the orange peels to a closed jar with vodka. Let it rest for a couple of weeks. Strain and filter. Put it in a cheap spray-bottle

Toy Revolver

60 ml Bulleit Bourbon
15 ml Coffee liqueur
2 dashes of Orange bitters
Home-made orange vodka spray

Stir together in a mixing glass with lots of ice. Strain in a chilled coupe. Spray with the orange infused vodka. No garnish is really needed, but you can add a dehydrated orange wheel if you want. 

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