zaterdag 22 februari 2020

Happy Margarita Day !!!

Today is Margarita Day, Instagram will be swept with variations on this tasty sour-style Tequila cocktail all day long. Since the start of this blog I have made lots of Margarita cocktails, including juices from strawberries, melon, cucumber, … everything is possible. My friend Rhonda (The Margarita Mum) has already a couple of thousand (Yes, you read that right !) recipes online in her search for the perfect Margarita.

Today I’m going for a tasty variation on the classic recipe, but without all that fruity stuff.

Frozen Margarita 2020

5 cl El Domador Tequila Reposado
2 cl Sierra Tequila Liqueur
2 cl Cointreau Noir
3 cl Fresh Limejuice

Put everything together in a blender with 4 or 5 icecubes. Blend until you get a texture of a melting sorbet. Pour into a Margarita glass. Salty rim optional.

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