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Chocolate Cocktails by Neuhaus

If you've found your way to this blog, chances are you're a fan of tasty cocktails. And if you happen to be from Belgium, it's highly unlikely you've missed the buzz surrounding the illustrious 'Van Ongevalle' family hailing from Knokke. This remarkable family isn't just passionate about mixing drinks; they're true 'startenders,' garnering acclaim and accolades from prestigious cocktail competitions like Diageo World Class and Bacardi Legacy. Over the past decade, they've left their mark with either permanent or temporary 'The Pharmacy' cocktail bars in Knokke, Antwerp, and even ventured as far as Mexico.

In the present day, patriarch Jan presides over his own culinary haven, 'Ugly Duckling', nestled in the centre of Knokke, where also a speakeasy called 'The Pharmacy 2.0' is expertly curated by his daughter Noa. Meanwhile, son Ran has carved his niche with 'BAR RAN’, a cocktail bar in the heart of Bruges, accompanied by the Mexican-inspired taco eatery, 'Màs', in close proximity. Daughter Hannah, on the other hand, lends her expertise through 'Tipsy Cake,' her bespoke cocktail consultancy.

Now, brace yourself for an extraordinary collaboration between this fantastic foursome and Neuhaus, the venerable Belgian praline pioneer. Together, they've conjured up a tantalizing assortment of chocolates infused with the essence of their favourite cocktails. Prepare to bid adieu to those pedestrian liqueur-filled pralines that have crossed your path before; what awaits you is nothing short of a revelation. Inside this box, you'll discover meticulously crafted pralines that effortlessly marry the art of mixology with the decadence of high-quality chocolate. There's no room for doubt here – this is the epitome of premium confectionery. 

What to expect? 
  • Photo: Neuhaus
    Vodka Rosie
    : Inspired by the one and only ‘Sex & The City’ cocktail, the Cosmopolitan. Red berries, vodka and violet-infused pure chocolate ganache.
  • Gin Provence: Inspired by the Gin Fizz, this is a blend of fondant chocolate with the spicy and herbal notes of gin and mezcal. Think of crisp summer mornings in the lavender fields of the Provence. 
  • Rum Clarita: Dedicated to the Clarita cocktail, winner of the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition 2017, created by Ran Van Ongevalle. Pure chocolate, rum, sherry and a hint of absinthe. 
  • Sake Sunrise: Inspired by the flavours of Japan. Fresh yuzu, smoky sake, Japanese prune wine and sweet milk-chocolate blend for fresh Azian exploration.
  • Whisky Midnight: Inspired by the legendary Old Fashioned, this Whisky Midnight feels at home in a smoky jazz club. Strong oak flavours combined with the bitter and rich texture of fondant chocolate and the freshness of lime. 
Pairing these chocolates is harder than expected. You need a drink that opens your tastebuds toward the style of the praline. For example: The Whisky Midnight praline will be fantastic, paired with a dram of fresh and fruity whisky. 

The ‘Chocolate Cocktails’ pralines are available at your local Neuhaus shop, in boxes of 25 chocolate pralines, 5 of each flavour. 

Disclaimer: All pictures and texts are copyrighted by Geert Conard and Esito Consulting unless stated otherwise in the article. While some items might have been gifted by the producer or distributor, these are in no way paid promotions or recommendations.

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