zondag 29 januari 2023

Monkey Gland

I already told you about the fact that in the roaring 20s, spirits were often mixed with sugar, sweet vermouths and juices to conceal the poor quality of the spirit. 

This probably happened in almost every (speakeasy) bar at that time. But some of those bars tried to uplift the recipes by adding other flavourful and aromatic ingredients such as Absinthe. 

This mixed drink of a very nice example of such a recipe. And do have a good look at the coupe, it’s a thrift shop find that might as well data back to those exciting years. 

Monkey Gland

60 ml Dry Gin
20 ml Fresh orange juice
5 ml Grenadine syrup
2,5 ml Simple syrup
3 dashes of Absinthe

First, we prepare the coupe by either rinsing it with a few dashes of absinthe or just spraying the interior of the glass. I always have a small spray bottle with absinthe on my bar which makes life easier. Add ice to cool down the glass. 

Add all other ingredients (so, everything but the absinthe) to your shaker with enough ice. Give it a good shake and double strain it into the chilled coupe (remove ice first!). Garnish with a nice piece of orange peel. Unfortunately, I had no fresh oranges left, so I used a dehydrated slice. 

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