woensdag 15 september 2021

Negroniweek 2021 - Conte Negroni

Each year I try to include a bottled/premixed Negroni in my #Negroniweek posts. Last year I featured the Verhofstede Negroni, a complex mix of four (instead of three) of their existing products. At the start of this year I received a bottle of Conte Negroni, a brand new Belgian pre-mixed Negroni, which also has a great story. They created their own Gin,Vermouth and Bitters with the sole purpose of blending them together to create the best possible bottled Negroni. 

After a first tasting I decided this would be the bottled Negroni for this years’ edition of #Negroniweek. When I compare this drink to the better Negronis I’ve tasted in Italy… this one comes pretty close. It could use a slightly longer finish, but the flavor profile is excellent. 

The Negroni has a typical nose of bittersweet oranges, calamus root and quassia bark. A four week minimum barrel ageing enhances the flavors and really blends everything together.  
Always serve on ice and add an orange peel of a dehydrated orange slice to complete the drink.

The iconic Negroni is Italy’s Nr.1 aperitivo with strong bittersweet flavors. You like it or not. If you feel the bittersweet taste is too strong for you, you can always top your drink with a bit of tonic or Prosecco. The guys from Conte Negroni are suggesting a “Perfect Serve” highball by adding some Gemellii Bergamot Tonic. 

For the highball serve I used a biodegradable disposable cork straw from La Paille en Liege.  

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